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The Types of Holidays Injuries That Can Increase Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums

The holidays are an exciting time. There are many gatherings of friends and families, and many Californians look forward to holiday events all year long. Unfortunately, this also means that you can be more likely to be injured in the home during the holiday season than during other times of the year. This, in turn, can lead to higher homeowners insurance premiums. Business Insider has examined some of the homeowners’ claims that are common during the holiday season. Learn more about these dangers and what you can do to reduce the risk of injury to yourself and your loved ones. 

Cooking Accidents

Cooking accidents can lead to property damage, personal injuries, or both. One of the significant problems with holiday cooking is how easily the cook can become distracted. With so many guests in the home, it can be easy to turn your attention away from the kitchen. Be sure to use timers, so you don’t forget food in the oven and let it burn. Ask for help to watch your pots on the stove, so they do not boil over. Assign different tasks to different people, so everyone is responsible for their safety – and the tastiness of your holiday meal!

Another common problem with holiday cooking is inexperience. Many cooks are trying out new recipes or kitchen equipment for the first time. Others might only cook during the holiday season – meaning it has been a full year since they have been in charge in the kitchen. Cooks whose skills are new or rusty can be more likely to cause kitchen accidents. You can reduce this risk by practicing before the big holiday meal. Try out your recipes in the weeks before the big day. Be sure to carefully read the instructions on any new kitchen equipment and try it out before the actual holiday. (This is especially important with dangerous equipment, such as a pressure cooker or knife sharpener.)

Mishaps With Decorations

There are many ways that your decorations can injure both your family and guests if you are not careful. Take care not to overload electrical outlets. Do not leave cords running across the floor where people will easily trip over them. Do not leave open flames – such as candles or fireplaces – unattended. These flames should be secured with a steady base. And be sure that all your decorations are adequately secured in place. Falling decorations can cause severe injuries to your family, friends, and loved ones. 

Overserving Alcohol

Alcohol is a festive addition to many holiday gatherings. As always, it is crucial to be sure that your guests are imbibing responsibly. Intoxicated guests can cause many household injuries that could increase your homeowners’ insurance premiums. California law generally does not hold social hosts liable for the actions of intoxicated adults, but they can be held liable when minors are allowed access to alcohol. This liability is a common problem at large gatherings where it isn’t easy to keep track of precisely who has access to which beverages. Holiday hosts must be sure that minors cannot access the alcohol being served to adult guests.

Most importantly, take steps to ensure that none of your guests drive drunk after attending your gathering. Too many families are devastated by fatal drunk driving accidents over the holiday season. Assign a designated driver, or help ensure that Ubers or Lyfts are available for your guests. 


COVID-19 has presented many unique challenges throughout 2020. New legal issues are coming up every day, and these issues will continue to be argued in court for years to come. Every insurance company and policy treats coronavirus claims differently. This fact is why it is essential to check with your insurance company about coronavirus coverage before issues arise. It is also vital to follow all guidance from federal, state, and local health authorities. The CDC has already issued recommendations for how to reduce the spread of coronavirus at Thanksgiving meals. Follow these recommendations to reduce your chance of liability on issues related to COVID-19 among your guests.

The Right Redding Injury Lawyers for All Holiday Accidents

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