How Can You Write A Settlement Demand Letter?

A settlement demand letter is a key step in the personal injury settlement process. By learning how to write a settlement demand letter and speaking with a California personal injury lawyer at Maire & Deedon, obtaining an appropriate settlement becomes much more manageable.

What Is A Settlement Demand Letter?

A settlement demand letter is a demand letter that outlines the dispute between the injured party and the party who is responsible for their injury.

Just as the name implies, a settlement demand letter contains a demand. In this context, it serves as a settlement claim – for a particular settlement, which is to be paid to the injured party.

If a pedestrian is hit by a car, then they can develop a settlement demand letter.

Right within their settlement demand letter, they can outline the facts of the accident and their injuries. That same individual can and should also outline the amount of money they are demanding and, in turn, why they are demanding this amount of money.

No, a settlement demand letter is often not the sole factor in obtaining a settlement. Other steps must go into this process, and other factors are often just as important as a settlement demand letter.

Even though the above is true, a settlement demand letter serves as an effective form of communication that allows an injured party to begin negotiations, thereby allowing them to obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

How Can You Write A Settlement Demand Letter?

Every settlement demand letter must contain the same basic set of elements. And the elements that a settlement demand letter must contain are as follows:

  • A description of the accident that occurred.
  • A description of the injuries that were sustained.
  • A thorough clarification of the losses that the accident/injuries created.
  • A clarification of why the defendant is responsible for the accident/injuries.
  • A demand for compensation.

Every single one of these elements must be found within the settlement demand letter that an individual drafts.

To ensure that these elements are within a settlement draft letter, it is essential that the individual requesting compensation speaks with a lawyer. By doing so, that individual can then:

  • Determine who is truly liable for the accident/injuries.
  • Gather every piece of relevant evidence.
  • Use this evidence to clarify critical claims within the settlement draft letter.
  • Develop accurate conclusions, with the help of experts, if possible.
  • Write a settlement demand letter that is stylistically appropriate.

Regarding the latter item, there are specific stylistic considerations that must be kept in mind when developing a settlement demand letter. Some of these stylistic considerations are as follows:

  • Organize every piece of information so that it’s easy to read.
  • Rely on simple, precise language.
  • Do not use an overly emotional and/or angry tone.
  • Be concise and direct. A lawyer will assist in ensuring that these stylistic considerations are met.

Speak With A Northern California Personal Injury Lawyer

An effective settlement demand letter makes it easier for you to obtain the personal injury settlement you deserve.

Speak with a Northern California personal injury lawyer at Maire & Deedon. We will help you develop an effective settlement demand letter that allows you to obtain the appropriate settlement.