3 Factors That Can Delay Your Personal Injury Settlement

A wide variety of factors can delay your personal injury settlement, making it harder for you to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

Going over what the most notable factors are and what you can do to obtain the best possible personal injury settlement, along with speaking with a California personal injury attorney at Maire & Deedon, will allow you to obtain the settlement you are entitled to.

What Is A Personal Injury Settlement?

Right before we can clarify the factors that may delay your personal injury settlement, we must first clarify what a personal injury settlement actually is.

A personal injury settlement is, in its simplest form, an agreement between two parties: you and the party responsible for the car accident.

Rather than going to trial, you and your attorney, within the context of a personal injury settlement, should develop an agreement with the party responsible for the accident.

Right within this agreement, there are certain provisions regarding the compensation you are set to receive, as well as the bills that will be taken care of, among a variety of other factors.

Soon after you and the party responsible for the car accident agree on the terms of your personal injury settlement, any litigation will be dismissed, and it will be possible for you to begin receiving the compensation you deserve.

3 Factors That Can Delay Your Personal Injury Settlement

Factor 01: Your Economic Losses Are Still Being Determined

You can obtain compensation for the economic losses that you have suffered, such as lost time at work. And, in obtaining compensation for these economic losses, you will be able to manage these losses and continue living as you normally would.

Even though the above is true, there is one thing to note: calculating economic losses can take a long time. Given this fact, obtaining compensation for your economic losses can take longer than one might think.

Factor 02: The Insurance Company Requires More Evidence

Right before an insurance company can agree to pay out, they must be given evidence. This evidence must clarify the facts of the car accident, as well as the validity and monetary value of a personal injury claim.

Just as an example, if you are involved in a car accident that leaves you with the need for surgery, then you must provide medical documentation that supports this fact, as well as bills that clarify the cost of this surgery.

If the other parties’ insurance company requires more evidence to support the claims being outlined within the settlement, then this can delay your personal injury settlement.

Factor 03: Determining Liability

Some injuries are due to pre-existing conditions and, as such, not due to a car accident. And, if this is the case, then the other party is not responsible for the injury.

Even though the above may not be true for you, liability must first be determined prior to a personal injury settlement being paid.

If the facts of your claim are especially complex, determining liability can take a great deal of time. But, assuming the facts of your claim line up and you are working with an attorney, you will obtain the compensation you deserve.

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