Personal injury attorneys should know their way around a courtroom

Trial work is absolutely necessary for a  personal injury attorney to represent their client.  While most personal injury cases settle, it is important to remember that the attorney should be fully versed and prepared to go to trial as necessary.  Trial preparation requires thorough knowledge of procedures, evidence, and jury persuasion.  Not all attorneys are suited to actually try a personal injury case.  The attorney must be prepared to present evidence to prove each element of the client’s case.  Preparation includes a thorough knowledge of the facts, injuries, damages, witnesses, and documents to be presented at trial.  Preparation requires anticipation of the opponent’s presentation and proactive steps to protect the interests of the client.  Proactive measures include solid and effective motions in limine to limit and exclude inflammatory, irrelevant, and/or prejudicial evidence.  Proactive measures means engaging the jury with demonstrative evidence and exhibits so that the jurors can “see” for themselves exactly how the incident occurred, the injuries, and the effects of the injuries.