Motorcycle Accident Deserve Specialized Attention

Motorcycle accidents can lead to severe and permanent personal injuries. Motorcycle accidents also carry with it unique aspects of accident reconstruction and injury analysis. With respect to the motorcyclist, they need to be sure to be in compliant with the vehicle code in operation of the motorcycle as well as compliant with safety regulations. The motorcyclist should be operating the motorcycle safely and the motorcycle itself should be in proper mechanical condition.

Accident reconstruction is a vital factor in evaluating a motorcycle injury case. In this regard, preservation of evidence is of prime importance to document site distances, visibility, obstructions, road conditions, weather conditions, lighting conditions, and a host of other variables which are necessary in reconstruction and liability evaluation.

Injuries to the motorcyclist can also be highly unique. Injury evaluation by qualified doctors in the fields of orthopedics, neuropsychology, neurosurgery, and biomechanics may all be necessary. Injuries are often permanent and severe, causing lifelong effects. Overall, motorcycle incidents create unique factors to consider on both the liability and damages sides of a case for the injured party (plaintiff) as well as the potentially responsible party (defendant).

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents in Shasta County and Redding California occur fairly frequently.  Be sure to retain an attorney familiar with the unique aspects of motorcycle accident injury claims.