Can A Car Accident Impact Your Mental Health?

A car accident can, and often will, affect one’s ability to live in the way that they are used to living. Sometimes, these changes can impact one’s mental health and, in turn, lead to mental health conditions that must be treated.

What Is A Car Accident?

A car accident is a situation in which one of the following conditions is met:

  • A car crashes into an object.
  • A car crashes into a pedestrian.
  • A vehicle collides with another car.

Just as an example, if a driver falls asleep at the wheel and, in doing so, crashes into a woman walking across the street, then this sequence of events is considered a car accident.

If you have been the victim of a car accident, then you must speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. By speaking with a lawyer, you can obtain damages for the car accident that you were the victim of. In California, the Redding car accident attorneys at Maire & Deedon are ready and prepared to help you take legal action after you were harmed in a crash.

What Are Some Of The Different Injuries A Car Accident Can Lead To?

A car accident can lead to victims suffering a wide variety of different injuries. Some of the most common and notable injuries that a car accident can cause are as follows:

  • Damage to one’s internal organs.
  • A traumatic brain injury.
  • Broken bones.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Cuts on one’s body.

Every single one of these injuries is possible in the aftermath of a car accident. But this doesn’t mean that every car accident will lead to one – or more – of these injuries.

Can A Car Accident Impact Your Mental Health?

The answer to the question outlined above is “Yes.”

A car accident absolutely has the ability to impact your mental health in a variety of ways. Some of the most notable ways in which a car accident can affect one’s mental health are as follows:

  • The experience of going through a car accident can lead to an anxiety disorder.
  • The injuries that you receive can lead to depression.
  • The injuries that you receive can lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – or “PTSD,” for short.

Outside of the above, the injuries that a car accident can create may lead to the following conditions:

  • The inability to move around in the ways that one is used to moving.
  • The inability to work and, in turn, the failure to earn money.
  • The inability to be independent in the ways that one is used to.
  • The inability to drive and get around town with ease.
  • The inability to focus and concentrate on one’s daily tasks.

All of these conditions can lead to the mental health impacts that were outlined at the beginning of this section.

None of these conditions are a guaranteed outcome of the injuries that one might sustain during a car accident. But, depending on the injuries, they are always a possibility.

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There are several different ways that your mental health can be adversely affected after a car accident. To ensure that you receive the mental health care you deserve, as well as the damages you are entitled to, you must speak with a lawyer.

Speak with a Northern California automobile accident lawyer at Maire & Deedon today, and we will assist you in obtaining the damages you are entitled to for the car accident you were a victim of.