someone standing tip-toe to hang decorations on a Christmas tree

How to Prevent Holiday Injuries While Decorating

There are many ways to be injured around the house while you are doing your holiday decorating. It is important not to minimize these injuries: injuries that are not treated tend to worsen, and early intervention gives you the best chance at a good recovery. It is also essential to understand that not all decorating injuries are your fault. Learn more about how to prevent decorating injuries, as well as the companies that could be responsible for your decorating injuries in order to protect your legal rights. The experienced accident lawyers at Maire and Deedon are here to fight for your legal rights after any holiday decorating accident. 

Holiday Injury Prevention Tips From a Spine Specialist

The medical specialists at Spine and Orthopedic Center see many injuries every year. They have prepared a list of essential steps you can take to prevent being injured this holiday season. Follow their expert advice to reduce your risk of injury: 

  • Consider the physical effort of the task you are about to perform. Some tasks, like hanging Christmas lights on a tall house, are quite demanding. You might need to stretch before starting. Wear solid, stable shoes and any other necessary safety equipment.
  • Always inspect your ladder before getting on it. Ladders sometimes go for months without use, and in this time, they can rust, crack, or develop other weak points. You don’t want to learn about this damage while you are ten feet off the ground. Place your ladder on a level, firm surface, and be sure not to let it lean too far to either side. 
  • Do not underestimate the weight of your decorations. The average Christmas tree can weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. Always be sure to lift with your legs – not your back. Do not be afraid to ask for help lifting heavy holiday items or make multiple trips to reduce the weight of each load. Keep heavy objects close to your body (which is your center of gravity). The closer the cargo is to your spine, the less strain the weight will put on your back.

Who is Liable For Decorating Injuries That Aren’t Your Fault? 

Some injury victims believe that they are at fault for their holiday decorating injuries. This is not necessarily the case. Here are just two of the many examples of third parties who could be at fault for causing your holiday decorating injuries:

The Manufacturer

Consumer goods in the United States are subject to laws of strict liability. This means that they must be safe for their intended use, and the manufacturer is liable for any injuries caused by its products (so long as they were being used as intended). Holiday decorating injuries are sometimes caused by a defective ladder, or malfunctioning electrical components, or sharp pieces hidden within an ornament. All of these cases could lead to the manufacturer facing product liability. Strict liability means the victim does not even have to prove negligence – only that he or she was using the product as intended, and it caused the injury due to a defect.   

The Store That Sold the Defective Item

Strict liability applies to any individual or business that places the defective product in the “stream of commerce.” The retail store which sold you the defective product can also be liable for your injuries. An experienced products liability lawyer can help you determine which manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other parties could be liable for causing your injuries in order to make sure that you do not miss out on any potential source of compensation to which you are legally entitled.

The Right Injury Lawyers For California Holiday Decorating Accidents

You might not want to deal with your legal rights after a holiday decorating accident. But it is important not to let anyone make you feel that your injuries aren’t that bad or that the accident was really your fault. Only an experienced injury lawyer who is on your side can advise you about your legal rights. Serious injuries can add up to high costs, and it is important not to walk away from compensation to which you are legally entitled. The experienced California accident attorneys at Maire and Deedon know how to handle all types of accident cases. We have helped many injury victims across California protect their legal rights to get the compensation to which they are entitled, and we will fight hard for you, too. Call (530) 246-6050 or contact us online today to schedule your consultation.