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Holiday Injuries – and How You Can Avoid Them

Every year, many Americans suffer injuries around the house during the holiday season. Buzzfeed News recently compiled a list of some of the most outrageous holiday injuries their readers have suffered. Learn more about these crazy holiday injury stories and how you can keep your family safe during the holiday season. 

  1. Why Stocking Holders Are Not a Good Idea

Buzzfeed readers submitted more than one story involving stocking holders. Two separate stories involved children who knocked over metal holders used to keep stockings hung over the mantle. Unfortunately, these freestanding devices are not designed to hold the weight of a loaded stocking. One had sharp edges in the shape of a steeple, and caused a bloody mess when it struck the back of the child’s head. Another hit a different child in the face, resulting in stitches. All in all, stocking holders are not a secure way to hold up stockings, and they are especially dangerous around children who tend to bounce around the house.  

  1. More Than One Way to Sever a Fingertip

Strangely, there were also multiple stories involving severed fingertips. One involved a reader who, as a small child, was waiting by the door as the family got ready to leave. The door was accidentally shut on the child’s finger in the family’s rush to leave. The fingertip was completely severed, but luckily doctors were able to reattach it. The family members each deny that they were the one to close the door. This shows the importance of keeping track of all family members during busy holiday family events. – especially small children and elderly family members who sometimes need a little more help.

Another story involved another small child who was helping his mother cut carrots to leave out for Santa’s reindeer. As might be expected, the knife slipped, and the boy’s fingertip was partially cut off. Always use caution when using sharp instruments – especially during the busy events of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that can sometimes leave parents too busy to keep a close eye on small children. 

  1. Ornaments Are Dangerous

Ornaments have sharp edges and pointed hooks. They are often made out of glass, ceramic or other fragile materials. All of this can be a recipe for disaster during the busy holiday season. One reader actually took a tumble down the stairs while carrying an entire box of ornaments. Unfortunately, her mother’s organ was at the bottom of the stairs, and this just made the injuries and the damage to the ornaments worse. Another reader reported that her mother got the cap of an ornament embedded in her foot. This became a more complicated process than simply pulling it back out – the family had to take mom to the ER to have it professionally removed. 

  1. Baking Injuries Abound

Many families do much more cooking and baking around the holiday season. It is, perhaps inevitable that more cooking injuries will occur during this time. Two separate readers relayed stories about being injured by cookie sheets as an overeager child waiting for Christmas cookies. One child got stitches after catching the corner of the cookie sheet, while another was burned on a hot cookie sheet. Be sure to help your little ones wait patiently for their treats when you are doing your holiday baking. 

It’s not just children who suffer baking injuries, though. Another reader was in the kitchen listening to Christmas music with a friend who had a little too much holiday spirit. While eagerly dancing to a popular Christmas song, the friend lost her grip on a spatula, which hit the reader in the face and left a scar that still remains. Enjoy your Christmas spirit responsibly – especially when you are in the kitchen surrounded by things that cut, burn, fall and grate. 

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