Is It Possible To Receive A Hidden Injury After A Car Accident?

To answer the question outlined above, “Yes, it is possible to receive a hidden injury after a car accident.” Even if an injury is hidden, though, it can, and often will, greatly affect your life.

Going over what it means to receive a hidden injury after a car accident and speaking with a California car accident attorney will allow you to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

What Is A Hidden Injury?

A hidden injury is an injury that does not immediately reveal itself.

Just as an example, if you are hit by a car, and you get a bruise, then this bruise has revealed itself immediately and, as such, is not hidden.

On the other hand, if you get an injury that you don’t learn about until several months have passed, then that would be considered a hidden injury.

A hidden injury can be very, very serious.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Hidden Injuries?

Many different injuries can be hidden. But, some of the most common injuries that often reveal themselves later on are as follows:

  • Concussions which often come with subtle symptoms that are easy to ignore and/or not notice.
  • Internal bleeding, which can be difficult to notice, yet is always very serious.
  • Soft tissue damage, which has symptoms that often take a while to appear.
  • Psychological trauma often affects one’s day-to-day life in significant ways.
  • Whiplash is often very difficult to diagnose without an official medical diagnosis.

Every single one of the injuries outlined above is very serious. But, they are often hidden, which makes them difficult to notice despite their seriousness.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Hidden Injuries?

The best way to protect yourself from hidden injuries is to go to the doctor.

If you go to the doctor and report all of your symptoms – even the ones that seem innocuous – you should, in most cases, be able to find your hidden injuries before they become more serious.

You must also keep a close eye on your health, after the accident. And, if any new symptoms arise, you should get them checked out as soon as possible.

Outside of the above, you can and must, speak with an attorney.

An attorney will allow you to obtain compensation for the injuries – hidden or otherwise – that you have obtained.

To accomplish the above, an attorney will go over your case, clarify the possibilities available to you, and help you develop an effective personal injury case.

If you do not speak with an attorney, then it is going to be more difficult for you to obtain the damages that you need to take care of your medical bills, regain your health, and be comfortable.

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