Should You Purchase A Dash Cam In Case You Get In A California Car Accident?

A car accident can, and often does, lead to injuries. You, as the victim of a car accident, are entitled to damages from the negligent driver.

Sometimes, though, obtaining damages from the negligent driver can be difficult. But, if you have a dash cam, then things can become much easier.

Going over the ways in which a dash cam can assist you in a California car accident case and speaking with an experienced California car accident lawyer at Maire & Deedon will allow you to obtain the best possible legal outcome.

What Is A Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a recording device that you mount to your car’s dashboard. By mounting a dash cam to your vehicle’s dashboard, it can record video footage of the roads you are driving on.

Outside of recording video footage of your drive, though, a dash cam also captures audio from inside your vehicle, as well as a variety of different data points regarding your drive.

Some of the different data points that a dashcam can capture are as follows:

  • The speed at which you were driving.
  • The direction you were driving in.
  • The steering acts you engaged in.
  • The moments in which you hit the brakes.
  • The conditions of the road you were driving on.

Every single one of these data points can and should be used to clarify the facts of a particular car accident and, in turn, the injuries that this car accident led to.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Dash Cam?

A dash cam offers a wide variety of advantages. Some of the most notable of these advantages are as follows:

  • You can record a car accident as it occurs.
  • You can record the aftermath of said car accident.
  • You can record data regarding your car’s usage, which serves to validate your claims.
  • You can use these recordings to prove that the other driver was negligent.
  • You can obtain compensation with greater ease.

Just as an example of the final advantage, many insurance companies are reluctant to pay damages in a car accident unless they know, for a fact, that an accident actually occurred and that there is legitimacy to the claim being made.

A video of said car accident occurring and, in turn, clear video evidence of the negligence that occurred and the damage it created serves as factual evidence that cannot be disputed.

If you can present this factual evidence in a car accident case, then it is very likely you will be rewarded compensation due to the damages that this car accident and the negligence that it caused.

Every single one of these advantages makes it much easier for you to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

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