Dangerous Distractions

Kool April Nites is just right around the corner for the Redding area car enthusiasts. It is a special event that brings the Shasta County community together for fun and entertainment.  Unfortunately, it also brings some added dangers and risks associated with driving and hot rodding.  While the vast majority of the participants and attendees at the events are conscientious and mindful of how they interact with these spectacular vehicles, as with any major event, some are not so cautious.  Flashy and fast cars can be a distraction to participant and spectators alike.  Similar to driving by accidents on the highway, drivers refocus their attention to the car accident, rather than on the most important task of driving their vehicle.  The flashy vehicles and hot rods may similarly pull your attention away from the road. Accordingly, it is important to be extra cautious at the parade and other events because distraction is everywhere.  It only takes a split second for a tragic accident to occur in which serious personal injuries are sustained.  Every second counts.  Stay cautious and alert!