Construction Work Is Among The Most Dangerous Occupations In The Nation

There is little question that construction is a dangerous profession. Whether on commercial, residential, or government projects, private or government, construction sites are dangerous places. Construction accounts for only 4% of all employees in the United States but more than 20% of all workplace fatalities. In addition to roughly 1,000 workplace fatalities yearly, the approximately 25,000 nonfatal injuries suffered by construction workers each year represent 32% of all workplace injuries resulting in time away from work.

While most workplace accidents are covered exclusively by workers’ compensation, there are exceptions. If you are a construction worker who has been injured in an accident on the job, contact the talented and experienced California construction litigation attorneys at Maire & Deedon. We can help you get the damages you are entitled to for your injuries.

There Are Many Ways To Get Injured On A Construction Site

Between the machinery, the work performed above the ground, the power tools, and all of the other activities involved in construction work, there are a lot of ways to get injured on a construction job. There is a new way to get injured around practically every corner. This is probably why:

  • Approximately 1% of construction workers will be injured on the job seriously enough to miss work.
  • Every year, construction workers who are injured on the job suffer 6% of all injuries workplace, causing lost time at work.
  • Injury rates for construction workers are nearly one-fourth higher than for all other industries.
  • A quarter of all construction workers say they have suffered a work-related injury and have not reported it.
  • There were more than 174,000 injuries suffered by construction workers in 2020.

Year after year, the top four causes of construction injuries include a familiar roster. These are:

  • Being struck by objects, including pieces of equipment, tools, or other objects being moved, swung, falling, or in motion for some other reason.
  • Slips, trips, and falls, including falls on the same level and falls to a lower level. Falls, slips, and trips resulted in nearly 38% of all fatal construction accidents and accounted for 32% of all injuries that resulted in missed time from work in the construction industry during 2019.
  • Overexertion, which sounds surprising at first blush, but considering how much construction workers lift, lower, and carry heavy objects, this one makes sense
  • Transportation or traffic accidents, including roadway accidents in the course of work, vehicle collisions, and pedestrians being struck in road work zones or on construction sites.

If You Have Suffered A Construction-Related Injury, You Should Contact The Attorneys of Maire & Deedon

Construction injuries can result from safety violations, negligence of third parties, and many other causes that take them out from under the exclusive coverage of workers’ compensation.

If you have been injured in a construction accident, you should consult the Redding, CA, construction injury attorneys of Maire & Deedon to determine what your options are. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to seek compensation for your injuries and other damages you deserve.