Personal Injuries Come In Many Different Forms, But Burns Might Be Among The Worst

Whether you suffer a burn in a traffic accident, at home, at work, or anywhere else due to someone else’s negligence, one thing doesn’t change: burn injuries can be horrific, life-long, or even life-threatening, extremely painful, and extremely expensive.

Other injuries can harm you in many ways, but burns at least damage your flesh and, at worst, actually consume your flesh. After a burn heals, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hurt. Burn injuries can wind up being life-long problems.

If you have suffered a burn injury in any way that you believe was a result of someone else’s negligence, you should contact the California personal injury attorneys of Maire & Deedon.

Everyone Gets Burned; How, Why, and How Badly Make All The Difference

Almost everyone under the sun has suffered a burn, even if only a sunburn. There are many causes of burns. Most common burns are mild, such as a sunburn or briefly touching a hot surface. But burn injuries come from a number of causes. These are:

  • Thermal burns are caused by exposure to too much heat, including fire, hot objects or hot liquids, explosions, steam, or explosions.
  • Chemical burns are caused by contact with highly acidic or alkaline substances.
  • Electrical burns result from direct contact with electrical sources.

Any of these burns can be severe. Depending upon the severity, burns can range from something you can treat at home to life-threatening. Serious burns will require immediate medical care, often at specialized burn-treatment centers. This can be accompanied by months of follow-up care, including physical or occupational therapy, surgery, or other complicated medical procedures, including:

  • Feeding tubes if your burns interfere with your ability to eat.
  • Breathing tubes or other breathing assistance if your burns affect your ability to breathe.
  • Skin grafts in circumstances where large areas of skin have been burned away
  • Plastic surgery to either improve joint mobility inhibited as a result of scar tissue from burns or simply to improve the appearance of burns.

Naturally, this kind of care is expensive. With severe burns can come the need for long-term care and treatment, which can be even more expensive still, particularly in cases involving the need for life-long care. Often, the cost of such care can exceed the limits of your health insurance. Further, suppose your injury is because of someone else’s negligence. In that case, the burden of those costs should not be yours to bear, and you likely are entitled to compensation for your suffering, loss of your ability to work, and other results of your injuries.

If You Have Suffered A Burn Injury Because Of Another’s Negligence, Contact The Attorneys of Maire & Deedon

Burns can be horrific and expensive injuries. When those injuries result from the negligence of third parties, you should consult the experienced Redding, CA, personal injury attorneys of Maire & Deedon. After a consultation, we can tell you what your options are. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to seek compensation for your injuries and other damages you deserve.